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3 January 2020 18.00 MSK
Design of your dreams 2020
Free Webinar with Jack Makani – Master Coach and world-renowned Master Trainer of NLP,
founder of the
Akasha Empowerment and Healing System.
New Years is soon -

- a magical time when the most treasured dreams will be made up to the clink of glasses with champagne !!!

What next…

How to make magic not dissolved in a daily routine, and desires do not turn into disappointments?

That's why we decided to give you a present -

Free webinar with Jack Makani "Design of Your Dreams 2020"

3rd of January 18.00 Moscow time

  • We will talk about 2020 and the options this year.
  • You will work on your vision for the year.
  • We will guide meditation to create focus inside your mind
  • We will suggest you how to find the inner resistance and how to transform that.
  • And you will make a plan of action

Register for our webinar and you will receive:

∙ 100 minutes with Jack Makani - January 3, 2020 18.00 GMT +

∙ an excerpt from a book by Jack Makani about the formulation of goals for the realization of your dreams - immediately after registration (check your e-mail box).

We are waiting for you at our webinar.

Jack, Svetlana.
Webinar language is English with Russian translation
"When we set a clear goal, we create a kind of unconscious search model which looks for ways to achieve the goal from that point on. our Conscious and unconscious Mind will filter all incoming information so that we become more responsive and open to any input which can support us in reaching our goals, and at the same time, omit information which is not supportive.

Studies have shown that people who easily achieve their goals have internal images of themselves having already met their objectives. This is effective because the Mind continually compares this picture with what is happening in the person's life to evaluate whether the current actions lead toward the goal or not. It is clear that the more accurately we create this visualization of our completed goals, the more precise focus we produce in the mind.
So the task in goal setting is really very simple: clarify your values and, inside your Mind, create precise images of the goals most likely to realize those values."

From the book "Self-Coaching" by Jack Makani
Personal and spiritual development trainer, psychotherapist, healer, coach. Since 1990, Jack has been conducting NLP, coaching, hypnosis, and healing professional training programs and seminars.

In 1998, the international NLP community invited Jack to accept the honorary title of NLP Master Trainer. His special contribution to the development of NLP and hypnosis was the work with the deep unconscious resources using the "Time Line Transformation" method.

Since 1990, Jack has founded a number of training centers in Denmark, Norway, and Cyprus. He has also founded the International Association of Coaches, Trainers and Therapists "ICTA" - The International Coach and Trainer Association.

Higher education:
Moscow State University Faculty of Biology.

Additional education:

Was trained by the world's famous masters of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, including R. Bandler, D. Grinder, R. Dilts, K. Andreas, J. Makani, R. Bolstad, M. Ginzburg, Y. Chekchurin, M. Pelekhaty.

Studied energy and spiritual practices from the founders of the schools:
- Shamanistic practices (A. Willoldo, Four Winds Society )
- Theta Healing (V. Stible),
- Akasha Empowerment and Healing System (J. Makani)
- Yoga (Vivekananda School, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Godfrey Devereaux)


- Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Dr. R. Bandler of the Society of NLP)
- Charisma Enhancement® (Trainer Training),
- Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning,
- Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP for Education
- International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP
- Certified Professional Trainer of NLP & Coaching (ICTA)
- Full Transformational Holistic Initiator & Trainer of Akasha Empowerment & Healing System,
- Self-coaching,
And others

Over 20 years of training and self-development, in training centers in different countries around the world, energy, spiritual and body practices in the ashrams of India, directly in places of power (Himalayas, Tibet, Peru, Olkhon, Altai), direct energy alloy transmissions from gurus and shamans and cognitive understanding using NLP technics.
I am ready to share my knowledge with you!
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