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Company Address: Makani Ltd., P.B. 21439, CY 1508 Nicosia, Cyprus

Personal coaching and healing

with Jack Makani.

More info and registration:
Tel.: +357 96589709.

Jack Makani is offering personal coaching & healing. Jack has 28 years of experience in assisting people how to overcome personal troubles and heal yourself.
Jack is a psychotherapist and healer and has specialized in personal issues such as:
- Doubt about your Mission.
- Lack of spiritual connection.
- Lack of personal power.
- How to open the Heart for more love.
- Building up more self-confidence.
- Balancing your energy and chakra system. Removal or transformation of implants. - - Healing old traumas.
- How to overcome a phobia
- and much more.

Jack is the founder of the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System/
He has his base in Cyprus and travel the world with his personal sessions, seminars and Akasha Trainings from there. He has so far been teaching in 20 countries.
Jack is also a certified NLP Master Trainer. He works in English and has Danish as his first language. He is very trained in working with interpretation as well.

Session cost - 100 eur

Write me here at Messenger Facebook, e-mail: for appointment or call me at +357 96589709.

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