START: AUGUST 4th 2023.

Akasha empowerment and healing system -
online training initiation with Jack Makani


We will be waiting for you on August 4 - 13 in Zoom
The training will be in English with Russian translation.

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+35799135763 (WhatsApp)

This time we decided to make the first day of the Akasha empowerment and healing system training

The training will be held by the founder of the system - Jack Makani with the support of Svetlana Charkovskaya


August 4th at 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time in Zoom
During the Akasha open day, you will:
- learn about the Akasha system.
- meet its founder Jack Makani
- take part in the energy practices used in the system.
The training will be in English with Russian translation.

additional info:
+35799135763 (WhatsApp)
Here is the training program
  • August 4th (Everybody):
    17:00 - 21:00 (GMT+3)
    The 3-fold nature of mind: consciousness, unconscious, Higher Self. Energetic bodies and chakras - introduction and practical research.
  • August 5th (Everybody):
    17:00 - 21:00 (GMT+3)
    Cleaning up the unconscious with using the Timeline Transformation method and other transformation processes. Meditation to deepen communication with the Higher Self.
  • August 6th (Everybody):
    17:00 - 21:00 (GMT+3)
    Preparation for the initiation and Initiation (level 1 – 3)
    Anchoring symbols
    Four elements and energy balancing (Everybody)
  • August 7th (level 4):

    Initiation of level 4
  • August 8th (level 5)
    Initiation of level 5
  • August 9th (level 6)
    Initiation of level 6
  • August 10th (level 7)
    Initiation of level 7
  • August 11th (level 8.1)
    Initiation of level 8.1
  • August 12th (Everybody)
    17:00 - 21:00 (GMT+3)
    Practical application of the Akasha system. Demonstration sessions with Jack Makani. Praxis.
  • August 13th (Everybody)
    17:00 - 21:00 (GMT+3)
    Recommendations for further daily praxis.
    Creating a focus on the desired future.
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Online Akasha
Here follows a general description of the Akasha System and your advantages from learning it.
Akasha system is a unique spiritual development and energy healing system, created by the Honored Master of spiritual and personal development - Jack Makani (Denmark).

Akasha practices are based on the use of 30 powerful energy symbols. Each symbol has its own unique function and purpose. Jack has channeled them directly from his spiritual mentors as the result of more than 25 years of spiritual search and training in various traditions around the world.

During the Akasha trainings, Jack and his students initiate the participants into these symbols.

Initiation is an energetic way of direct transmission of the certain types of energy settings from the master to the student with the ability to use them later on their own.

As a result of the initiation into Akasha system you gain access to symbols that connect you to a certain type of energy. Each of them has its own functions and purpose.At the first level of initiation, you'll get 10 symbols. With each new level the number of symbols increases as also increases their strength. All the processes take place ecologically, symbols are gradually integrated into the human energy system and heal the problem, maintain the harmony of the body, mind and soul, fill with energy. Thus, this tool is always with you, wherever you are.

Akasha is a purely applied technique, almost excludes dogmas, theories and teachings, with the exception of the most minimal foundations. It is constantly developing and expanding, adapting to the rhythm of changes in the world. That's why it is compatible with any belief systems.

The results achieved by applying the system for the health care, in personal life and in business, inspire more and more people in different countries of the world (Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Russia, USA, India, Armenia, Belarus, Nepal, Ukraine, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and others).

Akasha trainings are conducted in English with translation, under the leadership of the founder Jack Makani. The trainings are organized in different places of the planet, lasting 6 days.
Photos from previous Akasha trainings
(to help us survive during the social distancing period and
start traveling again soon)
The training program consists of general sessions for all participants that are leaded by Jack, time for training depending on the initiation levels, work in small basic groups, and a lot of practice every day. The duration of the online training is 5 days. This starts deep transformational and purification processes, changes the emotional and physiological state, the balance of its vital energy.

During the training, you can go through the initiation only one level up.

The Akasha system contains 8 basic levels of initiation. The recommended practices are carried out independently between the initiations. The person himself chooses the time and place of participation in the next ACA (Akasha Coach Alliance) training on the calendar as soon as he/she is ready to further increase the vibrations level. But it is recommended to have a break between trainings minimum one month.

The system will help you to:
  • Maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Establish communication with higher spiritual forces
  • Understand and realize your life mission
  • Develop energy healing skills to help yourself and others
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The training process

Akasha training consists of the series of online sessions. The purpose of each session is deep internal transformation. They also include:
  • dynamic dance, voice and silent meditations,
  • breathing practices,
  • working with the energies of elements,
  • establishing contact with the energies of nature,
  • and other types of working with the human mind, body and energy system.
The training has a deep transformative effect on participants' energy system and the vibrations level, These changes are directly manifested at the physiological, emotional and spiritual levels.

Therefore, if you wish to continue the Akasha system training, the recommended interval between the steps is at least 1 month.
Photo by Sven
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The Akasha system is advisible for the people who:
  • - feel that spiritual development is an important part of their life;
  • - wish to significantly affect their health, emotional balance and achieving results;
  • - seek to understand and realize their life mission and strengthen contact with the Higher Self;
  • - want to find the higher spiritual force support in everyday life;
  • - want to master the practical methods of energy healing;
  • - ready to stop only reading about spirituality, and to master the practical tools of spiritual development.
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Shifaaz
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About Jack Makani -
- Founder of Akasha Empowerment and Healing System
- Founder of Akasha Coaching Alliance
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Jack Makani

Jack Makani is the President of ACA. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1943. From his youth he enrolled into the Danish Army and rose to the rank of major before He quit in January 1991. At that time he has specialized with a psychological education at the Defence Academy in Denmark. An unexpected divorce with his wife at the age of 46 brought him into the field of personal and spiritual development. He began this education with learning NLP. In the field of NLP, hypnosis and psychotherapy his teachers were: Ole Vadum Dahl (Denmark), Tad James (USA), John Overdurff (USA) and Julia Silverthorn (USA). In 1991, Jack left the army to devote himself entirely into coaching and psychotherapeutic work. In 1998, He was internationally certified as a Master Trainer of NLP.

In 1993, Jack began his studies in the Polynesian shaman tradition of Huna on Hawaii. In the same period, he also got initiated into the Reiki healing system.

In 1997, after experiencing a miraculous case of self-healing from a deadly disease, Jack changed his name to; Jack Makani. Translated from the Hawaiian language "makani" means - the wind that brings change. As a result of a deep spiritual transformation, Jack opens a channel of communication with the Ascended Masters.

From now on, he continues to work with their support, following their direct leadership. On his path of spiritual development, Jack visits a number of sacred places on the planet, where he continues his studies. Such places for him were: Hawaii (all the islands), Egypt, New Zealand, Easter Island, South America – the Andes, Mount Shasta (California), Jotunheimen (Norway), Iceland volcanoes and Mount Olympos, Troodos (Cyprus).

In 1999, Jack and his sister Annmarie Bremer (who is a master healer) received from their spiritual mentors the Akasha system of healing and spiritual development. From that Jack created the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System – and he devoted his life to teach this system to the world with the intention to motivate as many people as possible to become Akasha Trainers and/or Initiators of the system. In 2010, Jack and Annmarie were called to update the Akasha system. They receive guidance on updating the Akasha system in accordance with the energy changes that are currently taking place on the planet. Since then the system has been rapidly growing and culminated so far with the 15th year of celebration in Palanga, Lithuania where 85 people participated.

The Network is still expanding and Jack is constantly looking for new partners in other regions of the world.

Today, Jack Makani travels around the world together with his wife Svetlana Charkovskaya and teach coaching training, NLP, the TimeLine Transformation method and the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System.
Here you can watch a video demonstrating the use of the Akasha system by Jack Makani:
August 4-13, 2023
(English with Russian translation)
Start 4.08.2023
End: 13.08.2023
It may be necessary to allocate additional time for initiations, depending on the size of the group.

The classes will be teaching:

- online via ZOOM webinar room.

- after each lesson you will receive a video for you to review any time which is convenient for you, and homework;

04/08: 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)
05/08: 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)
06/08: 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)
07/08 - 11/08: the schedule will be flexible, depending on the group
12/08: 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)
13/08 - 17:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)

- in a live broadcast with the ability to get answers to all questions immediately.

There will be access to all videos of the course.

You will receive teaching materials for your level of initiation.

Meditations records will be available for download. You can use them as much as you want.

Training costs
level 1: EUR 550
level 2 and higher: EUR 440

"Free listener" mode for those who want just to be present in the energy field of Master, to participate in all or some types of exercise, meditations or exercises without initiation) -
EUR 100 or
EUR 50 for Akasha-initiated people

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Additional practices from Svetlana Charkovskaya

Shamanic practices' aim is to interact with the deep layers of our unconscious. This is achieved by the immersion in the Shaman State of Consciousness (SSC) and work using special rituals and symbols.

  • Shamanic journey.
    The process is a special meditation using a shaman drum or rattle.
  • Meet your Power Animal.
    It helps to better understand yourself and get answers to the questions asked.
  • Shamanic journey to the Upper World.
    The purpose of the journey is to meet with your mentor and get advice.
Veronica Berkut
If you can't go outside, go inside ⭐️

This path is not new for me, but Jack Makani is Grate soul diving instructor. So deep, so bright, so rich! You can only look around in "shock", realizing the whole world is unfolding on your meditation pillow.
This post is not a review. It is overflow of feelings gushed out of me a wave, what covered here on my Facebook page. Post about my second mentor. Post about a person whose depth and light I want to share, especially now.
If you haven't heard about Jack yet, you might remember the book «From soldier to Shaman». Yes, Yes, it is about him! Love is our resistance, as Muse sings.
One day, Jack laid down his military ranks, armed himself with an incredibly huge heart, pure awareness, and went to change the world.
Not political statements, not economic levers. But infecting people with incredible ideas of ecological to themselves and the whole world.
What is his training about? First of all, about Yourself. About wonderful, kind, Sunny, full of resources creatures that are themselves people… If we gently shake off fears, ego and other foreign substances :)
This is a story about the unconscious, the conscious… About the Harmony inside. His classes are about how to trample this road to yourself. Not even that. About how to find a path to find a way to yourself) Difficult to say? But this path is really Yours.
About how to be full of yourself, how to enjoy the world around you in all details. About transformation from the heart and awareness.
Would you say that such trainings are boring and passive?
The other day, I burned more than 7 hundred calories, according my watch, in 4 hours of class.
Well, this is me, this is my halberd instead of an awl in a famous place)
Jack's classes are deep, precise, and just surprisingly effective. They have nothing to do with long spiritual lectures mixed with Osho and personal understanding of the author of some ancient philosophies.
- Why do you have that smile on your face? Is that a tan? Have you ever heard of a dangerous virus?! Why you are still so happy?? - I was asked indignantly some days before.
Makani's training is super practical. It doesn't force any ideas on you. You just somehow magically wake up with the smile of a 17-year-old boy in love. Just enjoy the little things, as if you are still 8 years old, no more. You are no longer annoyed by unwashed dishes, dust in the corner, cloudy weather, late colleagues ... Oh, well, maybe annoying, I don't know. But I have this boldly at all!
It about creating world around you full of surprise, curiosity. And a very, very deep trust in yourself and the world.
With great gratitude to Jack and his fabulous companion and wife Sveta. ❤️❤️❤️
Amazing guys show their True Love and call everyone to make miracles in waking.

P. S: Yes, like the whole world now, they are also switching to on-line and learning to work through it. Some of the first ones were able to transfer transformative depth and saturation to a new format.

This is new. And these are opportunities for many. Get to know Jack!

So I'm just inviting you to join us on this journey into yourself. ⭐️

Dear Jack and Svetlana, finally I could write my feedback on the Akasha Training.

It has had a very strong effect on me.

I have been having different mystic experiences since early childhood, often frightening, some delightful. Then I spent years finding traditions, healers, visionaries collecting the knowledge and doing my best to structure my personality.

Akasha Training reminded me the brightest sleeping memories of the dreams when I was taken to the world
s of light and healed and taught by light creatures.

I was going through some hard time during the training finding very destructive vows and promises to myself and to others. With your help I could use the symbols, and each symbol brought the specific Feel and senses to another level. Practicing, each day I met limiting beliefs one after another. For instance, I couldn't believe I could change my state of being in a moment.

Working on it.

I felt the healing power of your mission, the way the Universal knowledge is interlaced here. The laws that lay under everything else, the elements, the states of being.

I had much more to say but I could not put myself to write. I have difficulty organizing myself at work. I had a struggle to make myself draw again (I had unconscious intent to kill myself because of the guilt since very early childhood what did not let me do what I love doing or organize my life) but when I started drawing and singing I forgot about food/work/cleaning the house etc. When I cook and clean I have difficulty making myself draw again. These are like different realities that do not interact.

Like if I was made of pieces that exist separately one from another.

I am taking individual therapy sessions to work on my "borderline personality disorder" what makes me dis-balanced and very absent-minded.

I use Flow to switch, more than other symbols.

I use the Higher Self to put everything I do to a higher purpose and remember myself and my Teachers (they're light-blue creatures).

I use Akasha to come out of the things when they get too hard and deceptively clear.

The 4 elements to awaken my body memory of them and remember their lessons.

Purple fire for protection and cleaning - my body afterwards (after chakras) goes down and I bend and "set" it on the ground and then grow it high and wide around me and the space.

And so on.

This knowledge has always been there, here, in me and us, however it is new.

I thank you from the depth of my heart.

Aditya Shroff
What AKASHA has done to me
My journey of Akasha started in June 2020. To describe the journey in words will not be any justice to the experience, yet will try to do the same.

I was introduced to the system by my friend Aanchal in May 2020. I was deliberating whether I should go for this school of life or not. I try to find logic and reasoning everywhere. The first thing that it taught me was to stop finding logic in DIVINE. This is how level 1 started for me in the Month of June 2020.

I am four Levels old now, During the process of different Levels it has made me more spiritual and selfless. It has opened the doors of infinite world of spirituality. It has helped me to believe that things will happen at their scheduled time and place. We are instruments in the hands of Divine and are here to play our roles as per the script written for us. It has helped me to realise that every death is re-death and birth is re-birth and during this journey of birth and death we need to make our connection with our higher self stronger and stronger so that we reach our final destination in Timeline.

The whole system is a bit complex yet so simple. It's all about aligning ourselves to our higher self with the help of Angels/ Gurus/ Gods. It's not a course, it's a way of life.

Thank you Jack and Svetlana for showing the path of Love, Believe and Wisdom.

Aditya Shroff
Kusum Gandhi Vig
Counselling Psychologist, NLP Trainer and Access Bars Facilitator affiliated to International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA)
I wish I could express my gratitude in words for giving me the gift of Akasha. We concluded the online Live Akasha workshop today in India and it feels that I am just a channel who is supported immensely by you and the Ascended Masters to walk this path. It was an overwhelming experience for me to observe everyone acknowledging the inner journey. I would like to share some of the highlights of the workshop.

1. Firstly, I missed you and Svetlana every single day and I tried my best to model you both at every step which was reassuring and inspiring.
2. I have experienced a big shift in me post my Akasha 8.2 Initiation and some more pieces have been integrated which makes me feel integrated and whole now.
3. The most beautiful experience was felt by everyone when I guided the Cosmic Meditation which is written by you and your dear sister who I look up to. It is so beautifully described in the updated manual which caught my attention and that is the best gift I have ever received in Akasha Manual. The journey from Earth Gateway to Cosmic Gateway and the three new centres anchored bliss in the participants today which was the high point along with the "Create the life that you want" process using the five elements.
4. During the Cosmic Meditation, my vision to take Akasha forward in India was crystal clear.
5. The cleaning up day released a lot during the Timeline journey, cutting the chords, Ancestral Healing Meditation and I used some procedures from "Talk to the Entities" course that I had attended in Access Consciousness that I could clear off implants as well.
6. The Initiation Day made me feel humbled by the presence of Archangels, Ascended Masters and I was tremendously supported by Ganesh, Aanchal, Jaswinder and indirectly by Rajesh Nair. Pratibha from Mind Matrix supported me with music and admin work.
7. The practice day 4 was well carried out as we had able supervisors who supported their basic groups immensely.
8. We will do our best to spread your knowledge of Akasha far and wide so that people who feel loss of soul can retrieve their soul and ascend to higher vibration and align with the shift that is taking place in the world.
9. I still have a lot to learn and would try my best to improvise with each Akasha that we conduct in India. Thanks, and gratitude.

Warm Regards
Kusum Gandhi Vig

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