Do you want to live the life of your dream?
There are 7 secrets we would like to share with you!

The secrets behind Living the life of your dream – is a Masterclass in Self-coaching.

Jack Makani who has used the 7 secrets within his own life will introduce them in this free masterclass and will also guide a few exercises.

It will take place Wednesday 12th October 19.00 Moscow time and last about one hour.

Personal and spiritual development trainer, psychotherapist, healer, coach. Since 1990, Jack has been conducting NLP, coaching, hypnosis, and healing professional training programs and seminars.

In 1998, Jack was honored with the NLP Master Trainer Certificate. His special contribution to the development of NLP and hypnosis was the work with the deep unconscious resources using the "Transformational Trance Time Line Technique".

Since 1990, Jack has founded a number of training centers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Cyprus. He has also founded the "ICTA" - The International Coach and Trainer Association.

Self-Coaching full course
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