You have clicked into the page where you can find info about ACA membership and enroll into ACA as a member. All applicants pay a 30 Euro fee to have they application taken care of. You can find application form below.
We have two levels of membership
Both categories donate 5 % of their profit from teaching and Initiations of Akasha work to the founder Jack Makani.
- which means that you are certified as a Transformational Holistic Full Initiator & Trainer. We call that an 8.2. Then you are authorized to teach accredited trainings. Lead an accredited Akasha Institute and coach clients with all personal and spiritual problems and initiate at all levels of Akasha.
A. Initiator
- which means that you are certified as Akasha Mentor level 7.1-2, 7.3-4, 7.5-6 or 8.1. With those certificates you can coach personal and spiritual problems with clients and initiate at the level mentioned at your certificate.
B. Initiator
You have a certificate as a Transformational Holistic Full Initiator (8.2 without Trainer education).

Then you are authorized to assist individual clients with all kind of personal and spiritual problems and initiate at all Akasha levels.
Members benefit
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Accredited ACA Institutes teach Akasha Trainings based on the The Akasha Teaching Manual written by Jack Makani.
Conferences for members to share latest discoveries.
They can have their Akasha Trainings linked to World-Wide Akasha Calendar.
They can have their contact info and brief presentation on ACA website.
They have free access to Akasha Teaching Manual.
Can use the ACA certificates.
Can use the ACA logo in marketing.
They can market themselves with blogs and videos on ACA website.
They can become personally supervised by Jack Makani or another experienced trainer.
Donations are used to further develop and administrate
the Akasha Empowerment and Healing System.
The ACA certificates
exist in 3 different series:
One is used by Jack Makani himself for Makani Academy.
One can be used by trainers for their own trainings. They are invited to put their own logo into the certificate next to the ACA logo. These certificates are pre-signed by Jack
And the last version can be used by Initiators 7.1-6 and 8.1 when they initiate individual clients. They cover Akasha level 1-6 and are pre-signed by Jack.
How to be an ACA member?
You enroll with Svetlana Charkovskaya either with mail or Messenger Svetlana Charkovskaya
For your enrollment to be accepted you pay an enrollment fee at 30 euros.
Then you mail text, photo and logo the way you want it to be presented on ACA website.
If you are going to be an accredited member (8,2) you can add the dates etc. for the world-wide calendar.

You can pay in 1 click via PayPal or contact Svetlana Charkovskaya for another type of payment

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