Akasha Empowerment and Healing System
"Pre-Akasha" webinar
with Jack Makani

May 3rd, 2021
(English with Russian translation)
in Zoom

additional info: svetlana@makani.com
+35799135763 (WhatsApp)

Akasha is a unique spiritual development and energy healing system, created by the Honored Master of spiritual and personal development - Jack Makani (Denmark).

Akasha practices are based on the use of 30 powerful energy symbols. Each symbol has its own unique function and purpose. Jack has channeled them directly from his spiritual mentors as the result of more than 25 years of spiritual search and training in various traditions around the world.

Akasha is a purely applied technique, almost excludes dogmas, theories and teachings, with the exception of the most minimal foundations. It is constantly developing and expanding, adapting to the rhythm of changes in the world. That's why it is compatible with any belief systems.
Pre-Akasha Training – This 3 hour seminar is for you who would like to have an experience yourself power of Akasha energy.
In this online seminar we will cover the following:
The 3 minds
The Chakras
The Aura
Cleaning up for negative energy
Opening the Heart for deeper love
Empowering the minds
Opening the channel
Initiation to the Light
The participation cost is 20 EUR
You can pay after registration
+357 99135763 (WhatsApp)
jack@makani.com (English)
svetlana@makani.com (Русский, English)
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