We offer variety of records of the masterclasses and trainings with Jack Makani:
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Jack Makani:
Higher Intuition - the way of Shaman
Two-hour masterclass record
Jack Makani & Svetlana Charkovskaya:
«Harmony in Relationships»
Online masterclass record
Jack Makani & Svetlana Charkovskaya:
«Mysticism of Success»
Online masterclass record
First day of the training record

From this introductory lesson, you will:
- learn about the Akasha system.
- meet its founder Jack Makani
- take part in the energy practices used in the system.
Jack Makani & Svetlana Charkovskaya:
«Creating the Future»
Online masterclass record

Price: EUR 20
Jack Makani:
Self-Coaching, 7 Steps to Mastery
Introductory lesson record

Professional and personal growth begins with an understanding of yourself. Do not believe those who say you can become happier following someone else's success recipes or learning to manipulate other people. Your happiness, success and self-realization in life truly depends on you and only YOU.
Self-Coaching with Jack Makani
Full course
Self-coaching means working with yourself and your future. During the 30 years' practice with people, Jack Makani picked the most effective techniques from NLP, hypnotherapy, coaching, and spiritual practices. As a result, he created a unique 7-day training course. Following the course you will work out your important inquiries and master the practical set of tools for self-development, transformation and communication.

Price: EUR 60
"Self-Coaching, 7 Steps to yourself" - a book by Jack Makani
The author Jack Makani experienced a big shift in his own life. Due to a divorce he gave up his military career and became a healer and a trainer in personal development. Jack also became aware of a dream he had in his mind – that he would become one of the trainers in personal development travelling the world teaching people how to achieve the dream of their life. Today he has fulfilled that dream and live a "life on the road" teaching that and you are holding the tool of how to do in your hands.

Jack Makani: Timeline Transformation
First introductory lecture record.

This special Transformational Timeline seminar focus on a cleaning up of your emotions.
Open the channel to your Higher Mind and
create a focus on what you really want in your life at the deeper level.
Timeline Transformation with Jack Makani - training record.
The "Transformational Timeline" technique is a hypnotic, trance technique that allows you to work on the all three levels simultaneously: conscious, unconscious, and spiritual. This technique launches a deep psychological process, transforming the past experience and allowing you to program the future in the most congruent way. There are thousands of positive reviews from people all over the world saying that "Transformational Timeline" really makes a difference.

Price: EUR 60
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