Trainers Training 2022 - ONLINE
by Makani Academy in corporation with International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA) & Akasha Coaching Alliance (ACA)
September 2nd - October 2nd 2022
3 extended weekend modules
module 1: 02/09 - 04/09
module 2: 16/09 - 18/09
module 3: 30/09 - 02/10
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Payment method
EUR 890
EUR 710 - For Akasha people

Special offer for early birds!
With prepayment before the 1st of August, you can get the course with a discount!

EUR 790
EUR 710 - for Akasha people

Prepayment: EUR 100

This is the first trainers training online ever from Makani Academy and therefore we also invite already certified trainers to join in for 1 or more modules. They can participate
For 50 Euro pr module.

Trainer's Training online
Trainer's Training online (for Akasha people)
Module 1 (for certified trainers)
Module 2 (for certified trainers)
Module 3 (for certified trainers)
Certification requirements
To be certified as a trainer, you need:
1) CV (autobiography) of the coach.
2) Copies of training certificates.
3) Successful completion of practical certification and written test of knowledge of your specialization (NLP / Coaching / Enneagram)
* Certification for NLP Trainer, Enneagram Trainer and Coaching Trainer requires 370 hours of training. Of these, at least 200 hours should be training programs for your specialization - NLP / Enneagram / Coaching. The rest of the hours may include: passing trainings in programs related to your specialization, assistance at trainings. With the necessary training, certification is possible in several specializations at once, but no more than 2.
** For certification as a Business Coach, the requirement for preliminary training hours does not apply.

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