Trance Timeline
with Jack Makani

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from March 24, 2022
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This special Transformational Timeline seminar focus on a cleaning up of your emotions.
Open the channel to your Higher Mind and
create a focus on what you really want in your life at the deeper level.

About the Transformational Timeline seminar
The "Transformational Timeline" technique is a hypnotic, trance technique that allows you to work on the all three levels simultaneously: conscious, unconscious, and spiritual. This technique launches a deep psychological process, transforming the past experience and allowing you to program the future in the most congruent way. There are thousands of positive reviews from people all over the world saying that "Transformational Timeline" really makes a difference.

Training program
The seminar runs for 3 days.
24 March
19.00 - 21.00 Moscow Time
26, 27 March
12.00 - 18.00 Moscow Time
with tea/coffee and lunch breaks

The headlines for the days are:
The understanding of the 3 minds and how to make them even more as a team. Intro to the Transformational timeline.

How to use the Transformational Timeline to clean up the Unconscious Mind. Cleaning up for a negative emotion (anger, sadness, guilt etc.).
Get to know the inner darkness and start transforming it.

Prepare for contact with the Light and have an experience of it.
Experience the Journey to the Cosmic library and get even closer to understanding the mission of your life.
Decide what you want and create a lasting focus on it.
Language: English with Russian translation.
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About Jack Makani
Jack Makani is a well-known international speaker and trainer in the field of personal development and healing. He is cofounder of Makani Academy, The Akasha Empowerment & Healing System and Akasha Coaching Alliance. He is also a certified Master Trainer of NLP.

Since 1990, Jack has founded a number of training centers in Denmark, Norway, and Cyprus. He has also founded the International Association of Coaches, Trainers and Therapists "ICTA" - The International Coach and Trainer Association.

Jack is the author of books, video and audio materials on NLP, coaching and spiritual development, including: "NLP Practitioner: A Complete Practical Guide", "Self-Coaching: A Practical Guide", and the autobiographical book "From Soldiers to Shamans".

Spiritual mentoring and healing is an important part of Jack's life.

In 1997, after experiencing a miraculous case of self-healing from a deadly disease, Jack changed his name to Jack Makani. Translated from the Hawaiian language "makani" means - the wind that brings change.

In 2001, together with his sister Annmarie Bremer, Jack develops the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System. Since than Jack has been teaching Coaching, NLP, the TimeLine Transformation method, Trainers Trainings and the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System in the most beautiful places on the planet in the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, India, Hawaii, Cyprus, Nepal, Brazil , Egypt, Montenegro.

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