Timeline Transformation Seminar
with Jack Makani

"The way to the life you really want"!
September 19-20/21, 2020
Moscow Russia or ONLINE
Everybody with a normal mental health can participate in this seminar. It is for people who really wish to achieve some deeper personal transformation and it is for professional coaches/therapists who intend to use the processes in their professional praxis.
For youself
The program will be useful for the people who want to get rid of their limiting beliefs, phobias, self-doubt, to find answers to the important questions and transform the traumatic past experience to create a happy present and future!
For your clients
This 3-day program is intended for the people who have already mastered the first stage of NLP practice, coaching, psychology and are ready to learn the of trance and hypnosis technique for transformational work with their clients.
About the Timeline Change
The "Timeline Change" technique is a hypnotic, trance, and kinesthetic technique that allows you to work on the all three levels simultaneously: conscious, unconscious, and spiritual. This technique launches a deep psychological process, transforming the past experience and allowing you to program the future in the most congruent way. There are thousands of positive reviews from people all over the world saying that "Timeline Change" really makes a difference and improves the arsenal of a specialist working with people.

Timeline Change training
with Jack Makani.
April 3 -5 , 2015. Moscow, Russia.
You will learn how to:
Get rid of your limiting beliefs and fears
Get rid of your limiting beliefs, fears, self-doubt and other reasons that, on an unconscious level, prevent you from being happy and achieving your goals.
Value the experience
You will recognize the value of your life experience and transform the deepest childhood traumas, releasing a huge amount of energy and resources.
Get rid of the destructive relationships
Get rid of long-standing and destructive relationships with other people.
Get closer to your life mission
Get as close as possible to knowing your life mission, which will help to set your life priorities and program your future goals.
Improve your communication process.
You will master or consolidate the use of linguistic presuppositions, which will significantly improve the communication process at all levels and will allow you to use trance techniques in your work.
Master the Hypnosis technique
Master the hypnotic technique "Timeline Change" which you can use for in-depth transformational work with clients. Also, master the kinesthetic version of the "Timeline Change" technique that is good to use with clients who find it difficult to work in trance technique.
Get an International Certificate
The course is accredited by the International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA) and, as a result of successful completion of the course, students receive the International standard certificate, indicating the right to use the technology "Timeline Change."
Timeline Change training with Jack Makani.
April 9-10, 2016.
Minsk, Belarus
Timeline Change training with Jack Makani. Spring 2019, Moscow, Russia.
About Jack Makani
Jack Makani is a well-known international speaker and trainer in the field of personal development and healing. He is cofounder of Makani Academy and The Akasha Empowerment & Healing System. He is also a certified Master Trainer of NLP.

In 1998, the international NLP community invited Jack to accept the honorary title of NLP Master Trainer. His special contribution to the development of NLP and hypnosis was the work with the deep unconscious resources using the "Time Line Transformation" method.

Since 1990, Jack has founded a number of training centers in Denmark, Norway, and Cyprus. He has also founded the International Association of Coaches, Trainers and Therapists "ICTA" - The International Coach and Trainer Association.

Jack is the author of books, video and audio materials on NLP, coaching and spiritual development, including: "NLP Practitioner: A Complete Practical Guide", "Self-Coaching: A Practical Guide", and the autobiographical book "From Soldiers to Shamans".

Spiritual mentoring and healing is an important part of Jack's life.

In 1997, after experiencing a miraculous case of self-healing from a deadly disease, Jack changed his name to Jack Makani. Translated from the Hawaiian language "makani" means - the wind that brings change.

In 1999, together with his sister Annmarie Bremer, Jack develops the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System. Since than Jack has been teaching Akasha initiation seminars in the most beautiful places on the planet in the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, India, Hawaii, Cyprus, Nepal.

Training program
3 days, October 26-28, 2019,
Perivolia, Cyprus
October 26. Day 1
  • The model of the world and the Concept of Timeline. What is reality?
  • Training the state of deeper rapport to clients.
  • Exploration of own timeline.
  • How to find a specific event.
  • How to clean up for negative emotions and limiting decisions with someone else.
  • Demonstration of how to do.
  • Training practical use of Timeline Transformation.
  • Journey to the Cosmic Library.
  • Questions and closing down 1st Day.
October 27. Day 2
  • Follow up on 1st Day and Demonstration.
  • Training practical use of Timeline Transformation.
  • Introducing Timeline Floor Transformation.
  • Demonstration.
  • Training Timeline Floor Transformation.
  • Timeline journey into three deeper levels of consciousness.
  • Questions and closing down 2nd Day.
October 28. Day 3
  • Follow up on 2nd Day.
  • Training Timeline Transformation with client (chose you own version)
  • Releasing of co-dependency – How to get more emotional freedom.
  • Finding the Vision and Mission.
  • The "Creating the Life you want" process.
  • Creative combination on Timeline Transformation.
  • Questions and closing down.
Language: English with Russian translation.
More Timeline Change seminars:

Yekaterinburg, Russia, October 18 – 20, 2019,
Perivolia, Cyprus: October 26 – 28, 2019,
Moscow, Russia: March 13 - 15, 2020.
Jack Makani's trainings are successfully held in the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, India, Hawaii, Cyprus, Nepal.
Journalist Village, Pervolia, Larnaca

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Journalist Village, Pervolia, Larnaca
The training will be held there.
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