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Jack Makani
Self - Coaching

Information session online
Thursday 19 September 2019

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How to study Self-Coaching
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Online training. 7 sessions +
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Information session online
Thursday 19 September 2019
Enhanced and practical learning
The essential 7 Step program to Self Exploration and Mastery
The training will be supported by video´s and audio´s and will also be supported by some homework and consultations in between the teaching sessions.
Is based on the book called "Self-coaching – The seven steps to yourself". It is written by the NLP Master Trainer Jack Makani and co-inspired by NLP Master Trainer Helene Makani. It is based upon the assumption that everything starts in the mind. It is a unique training which takes you through the 7 steps which are essential for a modern human to explore him/herself at a deeper level.
Change your perspective
We are all creators of our life whether we like it or not. This is the basic assumption behind this project. The famous author Deepak Chopra claims that "the world is inside us." When we understand that we start to get in touch with the tremendous power that exist inside human beings. This Self – Coaching Program reveals the practical steps of how you can guide yourself to achieve whatever is important to you.

Work with the mind
Understand your mind and what makes you tick – what works for you

Be Inspired
To get the knowledge and inspiration you need to start creating a life which is aligned

Find your balance
To find the key to stay balanced in daily life using psychological self coaching tools

Prosperity and Love
To find the key for more love, creativity and prosperity in life.

To discover who you are at the deeper level and what is your mission in life.

Manage freely
To find a natural control of the level of emotions and stress

"Everything Starts In The Mind"
Session 1
Take responsibility for everything in life
The Principles that make the techniques work. The World is inside you. The building bricks of thoughts. The four overall ways of exploring reality. Anchoring – the glue that keeps everything together.

Session 2
Know yourself
The window of Johari. The beliefs are all that exist.
The values – our inner emotional motivation. The basics of communication. The autopilot and how we do things unconsciously. Find your special resource.

Session 3
Explore the present
How to pay attention in daily life. Training Awareness. Flexibility is about different perspectives (positions). The art of reframing – how to look for resources in everything. The Walt – Disney Model – The teamwork of the three minds

Session 4
Clean up your life
Cleaning up in your psychical reality. Cleaning up your Inner world. How to change beliefs. How to balance inner dualities.

Session 5
Live from the Heart
What does this mean for you? Exploration exercises. Decide your personal ethics – your commitments. The magic of using Linguistic presuppositions. How to model living from the Heart.

Session 6
Decide what you want
What is possible for me? The Mission Discovery Process. Create focus – decide your goals. Write them down. Empower what you want – How to use the anchoring process.

Session 7
Daily cleaning up the mind. Empower by the use of self-hypnosis. Check your commitments. Empower Your mission by the use of modeling. Make your practical plan and take action. Be ready to adjust – Life is a process!

About Jack Makani
Jack Makani is the Founder of Makani Ltd. and President of ACA. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1943. From his youth he enrolled into the Danish Army and rose to the rank of major before He quit in January 1991. At that time he has specialized with a psychological education at the Defence Academy in Denmark. An unexpected divorce with his wife at the age of 46 brought him into the field of personal and spiritual development. He began this education with learning NLP. In the field of NLP, hypnosis and psychotherapy his teachers were: Ole Vadum Dahl (Denmark), Tad James (USA), John Overdurff (USA) and Julia Silverthorn (USA). In 1991, Jack left the army to devote himself entirely into coaching and psychotherapeutic work. In 1998, He was internationally certified as a Master Trainer of NLP.

In 1993, Jack began his studies in the Polynesian shaman tradition of Huna on Hawaii. In the same period, he also got initiated into the Reiki healing system.

In 1997, after experiencing a miraculous case of self-healing from a deadly disease, Jack changed his name to; Jack Makani. Translated from the Hawaiian language "makani" means – the wind that brings change. As a result of a deep spiritual transformation, Jack opens a channel of communication with the Ascended Masters.

From now on, he continues to work with their support, following their direct leadership. On his path of spiritual development, Jack visits a number of sacred places on the planet, where he continues his studies. Such places for him were: Hawaii (all the islands), Egypt, New Zealand, Easter Island, South America – the Andes, Mount Shasta (California), Jotunheimen (Norway), Iceland volcanoes and Mount Olympos, Troodos (Cyprus).

In 2001, Jack and his sister Anne-Marie Bremer (who is a master healer) received from their spiritual mentors the Akasha system of healing and spiritual development. From that Jack created the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System – and he devoted his life to teach this system to the world with the intention to motivate as many people as possible to become Akasha Trainers and/or Initiators of the system. In 2010, Jack and Anne-Marie were called to update the Akasha system. They receive guidance on updating the Akasha system in accordance with the energy changes that are currently taking place on the planet. Since then the system has been rapidly growing and culminated so far with the 15th year of celebration in Palanga, Lithuania 2016 where 85 people participated.

The Network is still expanding and Jack is constantly looking for new partners in other regions of the world.

Today, Jack Makani travels around the world and conducts Self-Coaching training, NLP Training, the Time Line Transformation method and the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System.

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